Our Whole 30ish Experience

It all started with a bad idea, then Erica said she wanted to do it but not alone. I said “I’m in”, like a crazy person. The next thing you know, the Ortiz’s and the Vogt’s (Ray and Michael included) began the venture of clean eating, no grains, no dairy and no sugar for 30 days.

The best reaction was my co-worker who said she was going to journal her observations like I was some sort of animal being observed in it’s natural habitat. That’s basically the best idea anyone has ever had. I wish she had done it. 

No milk/creamer in my coffee? Not so bad. No bread? Could have been much worse. Sugar crashes? Non-existent. Afternoon need for caffeine? Gone. In between meal snacking? Practically none.

Now…this is an elimination diet for 30 days, getting rid of the junk and the cravings and seeing what else happens. The key word, “elimination”. In my expert opinion, do not tackled this alone or without some accountability. If not for the Vogt’s, I (we) would have made modifications by day 5 (cause day 5 actually had me in tears….turns out my swollen legs has zero to do with gluten/legumes/dairy/sugar and now we know). I may have secretly hoped since the beginning they would cave, then I could have followed their lead without the guilt. 

Another reason for the angst? Detailed planning. It’s summer and in the Ortiz home, that means there are nights we don’t stop for the day until the sun has given up.  I actually enjoy planning meals under most circumstances but this requires a lot of detail and planning. Lots of planning. The snacks that we could eat were limited so that wasn’t an issue. Reading labels isn’t a huge surprise and I have learned to love Trader Joe’s and Sprouts on a whole other level. But the planning…it does take time.

We are 22 days in and I figured I’d better post this before we totally fall off the wagon (Please note that I said “totally” fall off the wagon…we are not the poster family). Also, vacation is 9 days away and I am not about to risk digestive distress so re-introducing foods will happen a little sooner. 

The results cannot be argued. Way more energy, no crashing in the afternoons, rarely any need for between meal snacks (healthy fats make a huge difference), weight loss and loss of inches… All the things you are promised, delivered. Ray hasn’t had a hard time with his workouts. Basically, this is a strict paleo diet…the love of Crossfitters everywhere. I however, am a runner. This has made for some really sluggish morning runs and to run two days in a row felt like I was dragging my legs.

A couple of final thoughts:

  1. We will do shorter versions of this in the future. It’s a great healthy eating jump start.
  2. Riced cauliflower is not at all meant to mimic rice. Don’t even give me that crap.
  3. Sweet potatoes are not a replacement for everything.
  4. Strawberry lime vinaigrette, monkey salad and a list of other new meal ideas and additions are a total win. Zoodles are indeed delicious.
  5. While I am a believer, if anyone gives me a list as to why I don’t need gluten, I may fight you (keep your science to yourself and bring me the homemade pizza dough). I have no need to cut it out of my diet so while I have a list of new meal ideas and will certainly continue adding this many fruits and vegetables to our normal diet, I won’t be cutting out gluten.
  6. Last but not least – look at your calendar and know your schedule. What made this so hard was just plain summer.
  7. You can do it and I will not be judgmental if you say this is hard.
  8. Erica and Michael Vogt are stronger than I am. There. I said it. I have complained way more than they have.

Running Woman…a fitness goal

I’m going public y’all!

Time to finally hit my fitness goals and stop coveting the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers I see all over town. Those with the 70.1 stickers – they are crazy (and awesome…but I don’t covet those stickers). If you are question what “covet” means…it’s in the Ten Commandments. God says not to. I should probably stop it, so here it goes.

Fitness has been important to me for some time now. Honestly, I got convicted about it back in 2008. I have hit goals along the way. I quickly started to love running. This has been something I have wanted to do without doing for far too long. I have some slightly driven personality tendencies. Going public kicks that into high gear.

I’m starting a 90 Day Challenge. I want to be running 13.1 miles at the end of it. I do have goals beyond it, but I have to start somewhere and I am starting with the 13.1. The furthest I’ve ever ran was 10 miles. I know this is doable…the doing is the hard part.

I am changing my eating habits a bit, replacing lunch w/Vi Shakes instead of being tempted by what I see at Chili’s…or just being plain miserable hungry.

So…here I go! Care to join me? There is strength in numbers. I can start singing “We’re All in This Together”…my daughter loves High School Musical…it’s in my head.

What is your goal? No shame in starting small…just get started 🙂