So I have this cousin…

I had a planned on posting about this past weekend’s women’s conference. I will say that it was phenomenal. I will post about that another day.

Right now there is someone who has been on my heart and I ask that you pray.

My cousin Kevin is fighting cancer for the second time. If you know Kevin, you know that there is no one who is more stubborn and no one who loves to laugh and crack jokes more than him. The doctors thought that his fight with non-hodgkins lymphoma (diagnosed in 2008) was going to be the end of his life. Well, to the doctor’s surprise, Kevin miraculously beat the life out of that cancer and went into remission. He was diagnosed just a few months ago with stomach cancer. Something rises up on the inside of me and gets just plain mad at sickness. We don’t like to think of someone we love being in pain…I would much rather picture Kevin being goofy and laughing…and healthy!

I have the following picture. The first one I had wanted to show was of Kevin and Sophia (who went to him immediately with a big ole smile) when he had the lymphoma. The second was taken 9 months later at Christmas….a healthy Kevin and a goofy Sophia. Maybe it’s for the best that I can’t access that picture right now…

I could go on and on with memories of Kevin but I don’t want to sound like I am announcing the end of his life and this is some kind of day dream sequence.

Right now, we’re believing for a miracle…cause that is EXACTLY what Kevin needs.  I also ask that you pray for Kevin’s daughter Hanna…Hanna is one incredible girl!

We have been singing My God Reigns by Abundant Life Church UK a lot as of lately…and I love it! So with that, I say this “My God is greater, my God is over all”!

Thank you for your prayers!

Women’s Conference…imagining possibilities!

So today is the day! We have been talking about this weekend since last year. Our church’s Strong Women’s Conference 2010 kicks off tonight! There is always a unique anticipation when it comes to conferences in general….and this is no different. Our church is a buzzing with anticipation and preparation.

We are blessed at CFC to have some amazing women in leadership. They truly are some of the most amazing and most fun women I know. They love God and are a walking party!

What I love about this weekend is that it is a bunch of women. I know, go figure, it’s in the name “women’s conference”. I suppose that there is something on the inside of me that starts to imagine the possibilities, something that starts to dream when there is a gathering of women, the young and not as young as they were 20 years ago….coming together to worship, learn, grow and just be. To know what it is to just “be” in the presence of God. Rest, refreshed….imagine that.

I imagine this….stay with me. There are two boxes. One is “the” box….the box that we put ourselves in. The box that sin, hurt and daily living causes us to dwell in. It’s the box that as we dream, as God reveal pieces of His heart and the purpose that He has for us….we whine “but God”, like he doesn’t know our hurts and hang-ups (I think of Moses telling God that he can’t really talk right).

The second really isn’t a box at all….it’s life outside of our box. Letting go of that hurt, realizing forgiveness and His possibilities. You know those things to us that seem like the impossible…those things can scare the crap out of us…but when we walk, say “But God” cause only He can make it happen. Life is awesome!

So imagine that in a room full of women walking outside of their boxes. Coming together, knowing we are not alone….and with God all things are possible! Look out world, here she comes!

Can’t wait for tonight and the weekend ahead!