All Things New…

It has occurred to me that I am a writer of the extremes.

Sometimes its the extreme thought. Those can be more overwhelming than an extremely busy calendar. I am woman…hear me think. I also like to write. A few of my favorites; the thick of parenting hilarity or fear, grief, frustration, ministry or my favorite…extreme soap-boxing. I can soap box about a lot of things…all of which matter (of course).

Extreme soap-boxing

It’s a real thing.

We all live in extremes…since I don’t feel level at the moment, I felt compelled to write it out.

Presently, my heart and mind are in one place….and all over the place. It’s related (literally and figuratively), therefore not scatter brained. This is unlike me on most days. I’ve found myself on my face with nothing but prayers as I ponder life, legacy, grace, grief and God’s call. It overwhelms me beyond words and proper response at how God makes all things new. There is nothing He can’t restore. It has been a month or so full of new discoveries, life lessons and seeing the grace that covers us all…and it has been through pain and facing loss. Only by His grace can we face life in all it’s pain and loss and see His hand, His face and His redemption at work.

In the last month, I’ve discovered….

I am my grandfather’s granddaughter. Turns out the things that make my heart break are generational. I wish I had known him better. Turns out, I can still know about him.

I’m hearing stories that I wish I had known years ago. As much as families talk, we may be missing some of what matters.

God is not done.

I have family members that I don’t know as well as I should (looking at you Uncle David). I’ve said “I need to know everything they know”…a lot. There is wisdom in people right in front of us…it’s time to start talking to them. This goes for both sides of my family…

My mom and her brothers (ya know…my uncles) have been there for each other more in the last few years than ever before. While time may seem short, we are learning to appreciate time we do have…again. It hurts. I’m grateful for the stories they have shared. Legacy is in those stories.

Have I mentioned there is nothing that God cannot restore…whew! Let me talk about this some more, as it has been an ever-present thought. Even when He doesn’t restore the way we thought or wanted; it doesn’t mean He isn’t in it and doing something greater.

“All is grace”…

My cousins are facing losing their dad after just losing their brother. I’ll say it loud and clear…cancer sucks. My mom is facing losing her brother and a whole bunch of cousins are facing losing their uncle. It makes my heart sick and once again, the reminder of how much distance sucks. I’ve got Georgia on my mind, a weight in my heart and tears in my eyes…and can sit knowing that my God makes all things new.

He makes all things new.