Boom! What Erica Said…

Yesterday, I had a blog post ready to go. I had edited the thing to pieces. Sometimes that is for the best. By the time I went to hit post, I had changed my mind. Not that it was wrong but after a leadership meeting, I’ve had different words ringing in my ears.

We have a young leadership team at Revive. Don’t let that fool you. Not for a single moment. Ever.

A few weeks ago, Ray asked Erica to share in our meeting. I still pinch myself that she is our children’s pastor. Sometimes I wonder if I’m gonna wake up and we will still be sitting at Packsaddle in San Angelo after our last service at CFC. That was where she and Michael said “so we are moving to Austin”, and Erica chimes in with “and I want the kids”. Before we knew they were coming, she had vision for our kids ministry.

I pinch myself over our entire core team who picked up and moved here.

Back to Saturday.

It was a short message on serving. She started off reminding us of how big God is and what we have seen Him do. Then reminded us of the little, the much and being faithful. That my friends, is a whole other blog post….er…retyping Erica’s notes cause it was just that good. I give credit where it is due 🙂

With every struggle I’ve ever had with being cynical. With every moment of feeling defeated and wondering if I would ever have feet to match my heart. Now I think of this…

“If our actions displayed a heart that was really as dramatic as our words make us sound, maybe we would be able to take hold of the things we pray for”.

Boom! Hello conviction…


The “time flies” glow

Sometimes it’s easy to know how far you have come. Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection. Pardon me and my sappy post. I stumbled upon some pictures I forgot existed. I have the picture of those who were apart of Revive’s community group before we launched. I cherish it. I see it every day. I see where God has brought us and know He continues to move us forward. There are new faces, new things happening, new challenges and it is constant. We are humbled, excited, scared and can’t wait to see what’s next.

All of this is true. It’s been tried and its still true.

Tonight, I found pictures that reminded me of how we have grown in this journey so far. Pictures of what was Revive’s original group of littles. It’s in the faces of these. This was pre-launch.

This made me sappy. Bask in the “time flies” glow.