Trust it

I’m gonna state the obvious. On occasion (cough cough) keeping perspective at the forefront of my thoughts and emotions is a big challenge. Said the female.

Yesterday was a tough one mentally. I blame having Monday off for Labor Day. I LOVE having holidays off…and blessed with a job that pays me to stay home on those days. This does mean that Tuesdays are ugly Mondays in disguise. This also means I had a free Monday to ponder what I would do with that 8-5 Monday – Friday time. Danger man! Danger!

Instead of pondering all day (cause work was…work), I decided to put on some old school Hillsong and go with it. Not my brightest idea (cause that NEVER stirs up anything. Said the liar.) but it was where the Lord reminded me of something’s. I needed it.

God is good at the constant reminders.
This is why we can get caught up on a few small words, clouds and a good cup of coffee w/friends. His reminders are as timely as His working.

1. His timing is divine. We are not required to understand it but called to rest in it.
2. If God is breaking something in me, I should let Him do it. This means not rushing His process and try to manipulate the specifics.
3. I’m not crazy. The song Solution really does turn me into a hot mess. I’m gonna let go and let God do that too.

I’ve learned to trust that…sometimes I simply need the reminder.