Meet the Nemesis

It’s about that time of year again.

It’s sure to be all over Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and likely the reason for the majority of psychiatric care by 2019.

Its the Elf on the Shelf.

Now I am not dissing the creepy elf that causes mischief while our children sleep. The “sees you when you are sleeping” doll that helps keep our kids in line as Christmas morning approaches. I don’t make fun of it because that little thing scares me. After all, it did break into the cookie jar, roll the bathroom and clean the closet (all by itself…awkward shutter).

There has been this thing living in my laundry room. It lives there because after bringing it home from my in-laws house (that’s another story), my daughter insisted I put it somewhere else while she sleeps. It’s that creepy folks.

Folks, I introduce to you the nemesis.

I call it “Clown in the Closet”.

20131113-203246.jpg       20131113-203300.jpg

I wonder if it has any marketability