Round and Round We Go…

Lets face it. It isn’t found where we want to find it. It’s not in that thing we can put our hands to, do more of, less of, add to or take out of our lifestyle. It’s not found in the checklists or the good intentions. In fact, all the things we want to find it in, leave us with the overwhelming reality that that is NOT where we find it. We aren’t clever enough to realize this fast enough. We get sucked into the game, a system of sorts that convinces us that since we can’t create it, we can’t find it. Since we can’t create it, we must keep striving until we do. This is the opposite of how it works.

On the days were we stop spinning our wheels long enough to realize the game we play…we stop, we find grace. We find the joy. We discover the peace. We find contentment. We find that all the spinning of our wheels, lists, intentions and so on and so on… What we search for is not something we can do our way into good standing with. In this case, we are in right standing, because we are. How simple, how beautiful. In the reality and complexity. Contentment is not something we earn, it is something we have. It is because of whose we are.

*On an overwhelming day, I have my moments where the very reminder of my state of mind can make me feel a bit sick. I got sucked in again. I tried to find it in a list. Those are the moments where I know I have allowed a thousand other things to get in the way. How very sneaky. Yet, God in his great mercy, draws me back in, reminds me where it is found and that it is already done.





A Return…

It’s a Texas “ice storm”.

Its after 10am and I’m still in my pj’s with no intention of changing. I’m going to describe this morning using words like “glorious” and “perfection”. I’m taking advantage of our unprepared for and lack of ice driving skills to stay home and do…well, this.

My computer hasn’t allowed to me to see my own blog page (that has been corrected), life has been a little crazy and marathon training….

No excuses and I have missed this…even if my mom is the only one who reads it.

We had our annual Christmas back-pack outreach two days before Christmas. This once again, leaves you knowing the need but glad you didn’t let the overwhelming need lead you to doing nothing. We learn more each year and will this continues to grow. We ended 2013 celebrating at a beautiful and flat out precious wedding in Tonkawa.

2014 is a full one. Bring it!

I couldn’t wait to get back to the swing of blogging. I have been consistent with short journal writing. It was my only New Years resolution…and so far (3 weeks in), keeping it as short as I want but still writing has been great.

This year, the words that stick out most in scripture have been “hope” and “wait”. Being faithful with the moment. Contentment. Dreams, prayers, vision and passion don’t quit but sometimes we (cough cough…I…) underestimate living in the moment when the moment involves 8-5, dual monitors and not being the one who picks the kids up from school. ¬†Gonna trust the God of that dream and know that His ways are above mine. It’s a good call.