Filter Me…

We live in a bizarre world these days. Instead of encyclopedias and dictionaries, my son tells me to ask my phone when he forgets what condensation is during homework time. Thank you, Google Voice App. We have the world at our finger tips and by finger tips, I don’t mean “we went to the library to use a computer” or…gasp, read a book to find the answer to our question. Our phones is as far as we need to go for information. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s an Instagram filter”… nothing is truly as it appears. Also, “selfie” is a word and after turning on The Bobby Bones Show this, apparently it’s also a song.

Lets face it. This has changed us and affects our society in ever changing ways. It is not all bad. The problem is how we respond to, react to and contribute to the problem.

Thanks to social media we do not filter what we say but we filter our pictures. Of course, unless it’s a sunset #nofilter

This has been a crazy season for the Ortiz family and all of Revive Church (more on that in the very near future). God is big, He is able and oh my goodness, is He ever faithful. The last four Sundays have been work days. Service was over, lunch was consumed and let the manual labor begin. I have had my kids and Micah hanging out at my house for the last few Sundays. If that group of munchkins had picked up a paint brush, Micah would be blue, Sophia would be crying and Cephas would be laughing hysterically. This Sunday, all those crazy kids were troopers and stuck it out with the grown ups. On daylight savings Sunday…it was a 14hr day.

Today is Monday, my kids are on spring break so I slept a few more minutes longer than usual. I woke up feeling not only the effects of a full weekend, but my body was feeling the downward spiral towards aches and pure blah. I lasted one hour at work before my body screamed to rest or get for real sick.


This morning…I laughed at myself in our filter obsessed culture. I posted this…





This is me in all my unfiltered, swollen eye glory about 3 minutes before I clocked in at work.





This is what I sent to my mom. Holding the coffee cup to show that I was trying. Coffee is always proof that you are trying to make it through the morning.




If you are reading this, likely on some sort of mobile device, we share the guilt and laugh at ourselves. Filtering isn’t a bad thing. We need it on our mouths more than anything. As far as pictures go, we send an image just like we do with our words. Less lo-fi, more natural. Laugh it up folks.