Pictures and something about 1,000 words…

There is nothing pretty about running a race. Nothing. There are a bunch of online pictures to prove it. These are not pictures you purchase because you look great, but because of the accomplishment. Accomplishment doesn’t leave you looking polished. My ridiculous friend got two of those pictures and framed them for me for my birthday. The contrast is hilarious. The start was exciting. I was energized and nervous. I had trained for this moment. I had lost sleep on Saturday mornings, learned a new definition of sore and the power of $15 socks (and ran without losing a single toenail or acquiring a single blister…boom).


During training, I realized that there is a crazy correlation between training and living this life that God calls us to.

1. The reality of what you are doing sets in when the pain does. And it will… You will keep going anyway because the finish line is worth it.

2. It’s not supposed to be easy and it won’t be. You do it anyway, because the finish line is worth it.

3. The vision is costly. If it doesn’t cost you, it’s isn’t big enough. You count the cost and do it anyway, because the finish line is worth it.

4. People will think you are crazy. You are. You do it anyway, because the finish line is worth it.

5. You aren’t alone. There are people along the way. There are those who will rejoice with you and cheer you on. Some will join you in the journey. There are days where you feel alone because training has its days. Some days it hurts and some days you get bored. You do it anyway. The finish line is worth it.

My hope is that I live my life this way. Finishing the race having absolutely nothing left to give. I want to know that when God led, I did what He said no matter how crazy and no matter the crazy expression of onlookers. The desire is to finish the race well, to love well, bring life, to risk with all the blood/sweat/tears that come with it. Well, because that finish line…it is worth it all.