How I Can Be a Hero….

We have already spent a good month at the pool so far this year. My kids were in that water when it was so freezing, they were purple within 30 minutes. I enjoy that I have two strong swimmers and can enjoy the sunshine and a book while they burn off energy. Please do not take this post as me knocking those moments. Its a summer delight that I long for and wait from January till May in anticipation of that very moment.

For the first time this summer season, I got in the pool and went under. I had gotten in before but it only seemed to disappoint my kids. They were vocal about their disappointment too. ¬†They wanted to see me in the water, my hair wet and showing them how to flip. I laughed about what didn’t count to them at first.

I am the most hero-like to my kids when I get my hands dirty, my head wet and am in the thick of it. When I think they need a mom who has it all together, what they need is for me to be willing to be a mess.

Exhale with me.

They need me present and active and showing them that they have a long way to go before they can beat me in a swim race. This goes for showing your kids how to be brave, bold, wise, kind, that beauty is found in the unexpected and to love is to sacrifice, give and do.

We model best when we are willing to be a mess.