Church Plant, Anniversaries and Hot Mess Confessions

We are coming up on a special anniversary. A culmination of years of praying, talking and dreaming that became a vision, hard conversations, joyous conversations, major moves (and not just by us but by a lot of other crazy people), sacrifice, risk and a list of unknowns that made me feel like I could puke. God gives us moments where we go from talking to having to because to not would from this point on be an act of disobedience. A lot of moments that moved us all forward.  A lot of beginnings came down to a new beginning.

Three years ago, a bunch of crazy people believed that God had called them to a city and had their first service as a new church plant. We had no clue but we knew God had called us.

Three years later, we look a lot different than that first service. For starters, we aren’t called Revive Church anymore. We dared ask the question about being “better together” and watched God lead us into more crazy. I love to look around Central City Austin. I can’t believe God has lead us to this together. We are far from ordinary and that is no accident.

Three years later, I am as sure today as I was then, that when we take steps of faith into crazy, God only leads us into more. Starting Revive and then merging and re-launching as Central City Austin will not be the biggest (or last…not even close) steps of faith that we take. We are just getting started. Get ready. I’m not joking.

Three years later and I am constantly reminded that His yoke is easy and His burden is light…when we remember and give back the desires that He put there in the first place.

Three years later and I am still a hot mess (this should be in huge, bold letters, all caps and a picture of me wearing the t-shirt “God bless this hot mess”).

Three years later and I am still amazed at how God can break me (turns out there is no limit) and my heart for people.

Three years later and God has not for one painful, frustrating, tear-filled moment let the vision die, diminish or even waiver.

Three years later and I LOVE looking back and seeing what all God has done. More importantly, I look forward to the future and all God has in store.

Three years later and I know that the best is indeed yet to come.

Central City Austin – I love you all to pieces in ways I didn’t know possible. Let’s do this!