A New Song for all the Monday’s

A Different Kind of Assurance

A total of five words have stuck with me. One weekend of awesome with a bunch of women seeking God together. The result was these five words stuck in my head like a song you can’t get rid of and you are pretty sure you are better off for it.

In case you haven’t noticed, my thought process via blog is kind-of-sort-of the echo of a crazy broken record. If anyone else is tired of the theme, try being me.

I have been a hot mess for a really long time. What with all the moving, marriage, motherhood, youth pastoring, worship leading, eventual church planting, more moving, crazy step taking, vision casting, fear, hard times, good times, really hard times, excitement… and watching God’s faithfulness over the last…forever…and without a doubt, this is just the beginning…

I still do this thing where I tell God the best way to do His will.

I’m so silly.

I make up the scenarios to fix, change, replace….all of all the verbs. As if God isn’t chuckling to himself, knowing I do this and His way is gonna be far different and far greater. I must make Him chuckle often.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not afraid of hard work and hustle…it’s all the ridiculous scheming and replacing that makes my brain the cute place.

Then a woman by the name of Lysa Terkeurst happened. It would probably be in my best interest to read all her books. She said the words that became the song in my head. God knew I would need them come Monday morning. Monday’s always have a way of coming around with their bad timing, stigmas and reminders. Even when it’s not on a Monday, it’s like a giant case of them. They have a theme. Just me?

I have a new Monday song. 

I have a different kind of assurance. 

All the dreams, plans, things that move my heart and my eyes to tears. All the people and all the needs and every desire to reach, love and lead. For every seeming impossibility. For all that I can’t escape that start with “should be” and  “should do”. For every situation that doesn’t look the way I want it to.

I have a different kind of assurance. 


It rests in a different kind of assurance.

Visions don’t die. Dreams stick. Because “the impossible is only impossible until it is possible”.

I have a different kind of assurance.