Married to the Wild Man…

I was recently asked “who are some leaders that you admire”?
I didn’t give a cliché’ response but I also didn’t give a fully detailed answer. Most of leaders that I admire are people that that room full of people have never heard of. I am also very aware that to have said “my husband” would have had a strange reaction.

That friends, is the truth.

When I was young, my prayer was to “not have a normal life”. When Ray and I were engaged, I asked him if he was gonna drag me off into adventure. I’m sort of a weirdo. Mind you, this wouldn’t have been a kicking and screaming but more a “let’s go”. I still don’t care if that makes me sound completely strange. I’m growing more comfortable with my oddities.

11 years of marriage later and he still on occasion reminds me that I asked for this.

Our story is a wild one. There have been major moves and major steps. Many of them into unknowns. We have had sleepless nights (him far more than me). We have had moments so full of joy and excitement. We have been discouraged. We have been determined. We have seen God’s faithfulness in ways we would have never seen playing it safe. We know that following where God leads means it will not make sense, the road will not be easy and not everyone will see what you see. We know that it will be an adventure, it will be a process and it will stretch us beyond the last thing.

Marrying a man willing to follow God and lead his family into the unknown well. Getting to be the wife to a man who loves me, challenges me, encourages me, sees me and pushes me to be all God has called me to be. For every 10 things someone sees him do, there are a thousand things that most don’t see. I do. I see them. I know the prayer, hours, heart, passion, frustration and joy that goes a long with it. He is bold. He is courageous and he is mine 🙂

That friends, is priceless.

In this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful for him. There really aren’t enough words but succinct is the key to his heart.

I tried really hard to post a picture of us…but since he hates pictures and my computer and WordPress weren’t being friends, we’ll let this be an act of love.

I love you Ray Ortiz!