A Few of My Favorite Things


It has been FOREVER since I last posted a blog. I don’t have a good reason. We’ll just say that quite possibly it wasn’t the season for it. I miss writing and putting it out there even if my Mom and Katie Moore are the only ones who read it. Today is a new day and a new season. I am beyond grateful for the newness (this has zero to do with fall) and what is lies ahead.

Since the last post was about the marathon I ran 10 months ago, we’ll start with a little fun.

I am not a fashionista and I do not possess any crafting skills. I have learned that it really does take a village and I am not ashamed to admit what my part is and is NOT. Freedom! Can you feel it?

I like certain things more than other things and thought it would be really fun to share.


So! From top right to bottom left are a few of my favorite things.

  1. For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. I finished it on a road trip and was sad when there were no more pages. I always preface before suggesting a book that she has written with reading Interrupted first. If you have to read this one first, I won’t be mad but don’t miss out and stop with this one.
  2. Socality Barbie. Who doesn’t need a Barbie doll posed with the perfect life and the more perfect Instagram captions. #authentic #nature
  3. Hoka. I have found the one whom my sole loves. Yes, my sole. I have found the running shoe that makes my heart sing and leaves my joints, I.T band and hip flexors in one piece. These were on clearance because a new model came out. It was a total score since I knew I loved my first pair. No turning back man, no turning back.
  4. I like coconut. I am like the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding is with windex with this stuff. I make no apologies. I like good face wash. This combines all the things including all the eco-friendly, certified fair trade, socially conscious benefits that I never imagined I could get from face wash. And at my Whole Foods, I bought this for $10. Alaffia Everyday Coconut face wash is just plain perfect and is also husband approved.

So…these are a few of my favorite things. Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment and let me know some of your recent favorites. Let’s pretend it’s before social media consumed everything and we had to depend on each other for this sort of stuff.