Favorite Things Monday: Long Weekend Edition


I’ve got a few things on my mind and one really big thing on my mind. I’ll get to the big thing on my mind by Thursday. There is a post coming. In the mean time, I have one late Favorite Things Monday. This is more of a Tuesday edition. I’m getting back on the ball.

We are stepping into the end of school and the beginning of summer. Another change of season always feels like some sort of new beginning.

This end of the school year…and an actual relaxing weekend had me quite contemplative. This is what happens when I sleep, folks. I probably need to make that happen more often than it does because when it does, I end up running on more cylinders than usual…

So here I go…

I can write about rest all day long and not take my own advise. I know I need it. I think I am getting it until I realize I’m not.

I can write about time and time management. I like to think I take my own advise and to be honest, I do a lot of the time. I thrive on preparing for the insanity. It’s weird but it’s true. Then I see where I miss it and need to take a moment to regroup.

I can think that a few hours to breathe here and there are enough but that only lasts for so long.

I got to sleep till 8:30am on Saturday and was shocked at how much better I felt. I don’t walk around feeling exhausted or ill. I just plain needed a good night’s sleep. I got it. I recommend it. Maybe I’m the only one that this took by actual surprise.

This weekend was fantastic. Last weekend was just plain special. The last few months have been non-stop for a lot of reasons.

I love that God calls us to be part of His story and different seasons of life are different parts of the story.

But His story means that I need to take what God says about rest and see how that is so much bigger than I realize. To be honest, I’m tired of needing the reminder. I better do two things: Get better about rest and get over needing the reminder.

This life is a whole lot of full and a whole lot of crazy. It doesn’t fall apart if I stop. In fact, the more I stay in my lane and remember who’s in charge, the better off we all are. I’ll get there folks, but for now, I need the reminder and a nap.


Favorite Things Monday: Mother’s Day Edition

It’s been a couple of weeks. Some times life happens. The last few weeks, it has happened a lot and in a few unexpected ways. Last week, it was middle of preparing for Mother’s Day. The week before, writing didn’t feel right. We had recently gotten the news about the loss of a friend. To write felt wrong and not writing didn’t exactly feel right either. So here we are today. Lots of life… Life. I don’t want to miss it. Any of it.

Ray and I celebrated 14 years! 14!!! I want to do an entire blog on this alone. It has been 14 insane years. While we had big dreams 14 years ago, today looks so different. The dreams are bigger. We have seen more than we ever thought possible. We have walked some crazy roads. We have taken steps of faith that made sense to no one. These years have shaped us into who we are today. We are just getting started. I couldn’t imagine this wild ride of life with anyone else. So grateful I get to call him my husband. God’s faithfulness is ridiculous. It’s over the top. I am so grateful.

Mother’s Day was a delight. It was crazy for us as a family but it was a delight. I almost feel protective of that day. Ok, not almost. I am protective of Mother’s Day. I find myself very aware of who may be in the room. We have so much to be grateful for and so many women to honor. Then there are the hurting, the disappointed, the frustrated, the grieving, those who have lost and those who are still dreaming/waiting/praying/wondering. I love preaching on Mother’s Day for this very wonderful and very difficult reason. Jesus always meets us there…and so often He meets us through each other.

It was Mother’s Day…and I was at church…so I talked about it. Talking about purpose in light of scripture and how our unity is worth fighting for. We need each other. It is basically my dream come true to preach that on Mother’s Day. My own gift that no one had to buy and only I had to take the time to study and prepare. I wouldn’t trade it.

We lost a dear friend. One we hadn’t seen in about two years but had loved so much and walked a whole lot of life with. Her death was public and tragic and there are definite moments where are still getting our bearings. I have watched very different friends grieve in very different ways. I am grateful to see God and his great love meet them right where they are. Meg was one of the first visitors at Revive Church and was then part of our Central City Austin family. She used to bring her son in a little red wagon. I remember her first Sunday. My goodness, we will miss her. Cherish people. Love them so so big. It’s always worth it.

Loving people is always worth it. There are times when it will break your heart. There are times when it will be hard. There are a lot of times that it will be beyond you. And that is where you keep doing the next right thing and love others. It’s simple. Even when it’s hard. I miss the mark on this. Keep going for it.