Favorite Things: Say What Edition

Exodus 14:14 – The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.

This verse popped up in my YouVersion bible app last week. I love the truth in those words. I do not like the instruction.

I want the Lord to tell me to hustle. I want instruction. I want him to tell me to get to work. I want Him to fight the fight on my behalf. I want Him to do what only He can, I just want him to give me something to do. Right now. And I want to like what He tells me. I want to get going. All Nehemiah style, with a sword in one hand and tool in the other because God said so. Not a literal sword (although there is one in my house) but I want to work.

Not in an “earn my love and affection” kind of way…but in a “this is the way you should go, walk in it” sort of way. I love the verses with a running theme. I love the ones that talk about doing. Ya know, out of obedience.

Last week, verses like Exodus 14:14 were following me like a clingy toddler. Spotify was out to get me with its “we created this play list for you” and it starts with that one Rita Springer song, followed by a Jason Upton song from 16 years ago and conveniently followed by another worship song about rest. So now the bible, Spotify and God Himself were all giving me the same clear message.

Did God forget that he made me this way? He made me an extrovert who runs for fun. For all of those who survived my childhood, you are the real MVP. Sitting still has never been my strong suit.

There are days when I want to remind God what my strengths are. Remember Jesus, all I need is a whole lot of coffee and a whole lot of You…until the coffee crashes and I get grumpy and forget about Jesus and the whole point altogether.

Anyone else?

This seems to have less to do with my schedule (which is currently SUMMER…and all God’s people said AMEN) and more to do with all the things I want to pick up and He just wants me to choose one thing and rest in it.

In my heart, I want to respond like David in Psalm 27 – “you said seek my face” and my heart said “your face oh Lord do I seek”. And I want to leave it at that without all my questions.

I am learning something in what feels like the long way around but sometimes good things take time…and God has the time. When I want that to be the actual cry of my heart, I pursue and repeat it till my heart and my mind line up with His word and what He is doing. If you are believing a lie, repeat His truths till you believe the lies are actual lies. This isn’t a fake it till ya make it or even “name it and claim it”, it’s speaking truth until the lies have no ground to stand on. Seek, speak, pray until the truth sinks deep. I have learned this over the last couple of years in ways I didn’t know there was to learn. In it all I have to remember His Word says that He has GOOD works for us. Sometimes rest is an actual event of sitting and sometimes it is a posture of the heart. When I do, I get to remember that He is good, His plans are good, His intentions are good and He is trustworthy.

I won’t lie, I can’t wait to obediently hustle but I am learning that my strength in and of itself leads to bad things and burnout. I want His way so I can have His heart and His outcome. I won’t give the bible app, Spotify or God himself the stink eye this week…He has too much good to show me.