Katie Moore talks “Who”.

We are a “who”.. as in, who God has created us to be. We were called His before he called us to do anything. It’s the first and foremost piece of who we are. We are defined here long before we are defined anywhere else.

The overflow of starting here is how we love others well… all the “who’s” God puts in our life.

Pastor Ray recently did a sermon series called Jesus Calling. In it, he mentioned we are called to a “who” before a “what’ and “who” is what really matters. The series was great, you can watch it and come to your own conclusion, but here is my takeaway from my own personal life experience.

My “who” are the people God has intentionally placed in my life and called me to love. We do life together and I pray for them daily. They are believers and non believers and they make me better. 

My “what” is something I do. I have a few jobs so I’ll use being a stay-at-home-homeschool-mom as my example. I became a stay at home mom almost 8 years ago when I went into labor at work with my second child. I was too busy to stop and finally drove myself to the hospital when I couldn’t take the drug-free contractions any longer. Life happened while on maternity leave and I never returned to full-time work again.

At that point, our oldest daughter was in Kindergarten and every year my husband asked me to homeschool her. My loving responses were “get behind me Satan” or “if you want YOUR daughter to be homeschooled then YOU do it” or “I’m not a teacher for a reason, I’ll ruin her.” Homeschooling was something I fought against with a heated passion for 8 years. So this past year when we became a homeschool family I was lost, confused, overwhelmed and angry…very angry. Why would God tell me to do something I was dead set against doing?

Listen, I am not patient. I am not crafty. If I’ve already showed you 3 times how to find the value of x why are you asking me again? I not very nicely tell my 7 year old to “guess again” when she confuses the letters B and D and I made my 6 year old cry because she had trouble sounding out “trying.” 

Why is this God’s plan for my family? Seriously, what is happening? Everyday I mess up and everyday I hear the devil whisper “what do you think you’re doing? You’re horrible.” When my frustration causes the girls to cry, the devil laughs and says they would get a better education with someone else. He’s always right there to remind me I’m failing.

For some reason, God has called my family to homeschool and this is clearly His plan, not mine. But if I focus on the “what” (teaching) and not the “who” (my girls) I’m missing it. I’m missing the opportunity to learn and lead and grow with my girls. They get to experience me struggle and ask Siri “what are the rules in making irregular nouns plural?” They see firsthand I don’t have it all together and it’s okay to take a cry break.

So, where is your focus? Do you spend more time on your “what” or your “who?” “What” comes and goes and changes with the economy but your “who” is constant. God paired them up with you. Who cares how meticulous a spreadsheet is if your “who” feel rejected and unimportant? God commands us to love others and we are able to do that because He loved us first. So get out there and find your “who” and move forward with confidence and love them like Jesus.