Favorite Things Monday: Eyes That See Edition

You would think that everyone knew by now that hate gets us nowhere. It never wins. It may seem like it puts up a fair fight. After all, people are hurt and afraid. Some are in shock and wonder how. Many wonder why. Hate never wins. Hateful acts never make a point. It tries. It doesn’t have a chance. Love is always greater. Truth is always louder. Hope is always real. The army on the side of love is always stronger. We win.

Before any news broke on Saturday, I had had a week with a full feed and full text threads. Scary things were everywhere. A way-too-young friend rushed to a hospital for open heart surgery. When words like dissected aorta get thrown around you turn to Jesus…and Google only to find out this should not be happening. His wife and family could do one thing and asked us to do the same. Friends with nieces and scary diagnosis’, not knowing why a baby was found unresponsive and wondering what it would mean. And all we could do was pray.

Friends with scary moments, frustrating moments and then there is the every day stuff. The every day stuff that makes me pre-order my Starbucks so I don’t have to wait in a line. In addition, we have kids preparing to start a new school year. I am preparing myself to have a 6th grader. By “prepare”, I mean pray and clean everything.

I don’t know that there are adequate words. Surely there are and maybe someone else has them but I know this…I saw Jesus in the lives of friends this past week. I mean, I saw him BIG. Not just in results but in the faith and hope of those facing giant scary unknowns.

I saw perfect love casting out fear. I saw hope in scary places. I saw the peace of God rule. Because love is always greater. Truth is always louder. Hope is always real. We win.

Sunday happened. For a lot of different reasons, it was right up there as a favorite so far…

Ray started a new sermon series called Jesus Goggles (read this, then go listen here). Did you read “google” and thought I made a typo? I didn’t. I have read this story a lot but I hadn’t heard it like this. I haven’t seen it through this lens before.

Luke 24 starts out with two men on a road, processing the worst of the worst. How could it be? Then the say these words to Jesus, not knowing it was Jesus, they talked about him… “but we had hoped that He was the one”…

Discouragement. Disappointment. Fear. They had hope, then it was gone. Or so they thought. He listened to their fear and their dashed hopes. He reminded them of what He had said. Then He broke bread and blessed it and their eyes were opened and they saw Him. AND THEN THEIR EYES WERE OPENED. Wait just a minute. They had talked and walked…then BAM!

I want to just stare at this passage of scripture and not miss a single thing it has to show me.

What lens am I looking at life and circumstance through? What am I missing? I don’t want to miss seeing Jesus when He is standing right in front of me, asking whats going on.

I want eyes that see…

I don’t even know how to end this one because it feels so fresh and present…

Then I got this song running through my head…

Have you sung “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” since reading this post? I apologize. This is what happens when you’re friends with Katie Moore.









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