Favorite Things Monday: They Are All Big Steps Edition

T’was the night before school starts and all through the house, every creature is stirring…especially the one starting middle school tomorrow. I’m sorry, I am out of rhymes. Why? As of tomorrow, the one I wrote the long blog about finishing/surviving elementary school has figured out how to use a combination lock, has PE clothes in his bag and kicks off his first day of 6th grade. My brain is trying real hard to keep level.

For all of you kicking off the first day/week of school…prepare for mid-afternoon caffeine. The kids will do great, you will do just fine and everyone will make it. Afternoon coffee will keep us afloat. I wake up early almost year round but when the kids have to as well, it’s an adjustment.

Last week Ray kicked off a new sermon series at church called Jesus Goggles. I LOVED that first week and couldn’t wait for this week. This week didn’t disappoint. Then, thanks to Timehop, I was immediately reminded of how applicable it is.

Seven years ago, my husband and family had a church family reunion. My timehop reminded me that that was 7yrs ago today. This was the church that my in-laws and my husband first encountered the saving power and love of Jesus. How did they get there? I’m glad you asked. If you listen to my in-laws for any amount of time, you will hear the infamous name Miss Donna. Miss Donna was the lady who was going door-to-door inviting people to church. She was doing the seemingly simple thing. That small thing was a really big thing. That act of obedience led to my mother in-law saying yes. More like, “My husband and son will be there”. They went. Jesus changes everything and He did in my family that day. My mother in-law wasn’t far behind.

My family loves and serves Jesus. Generations of mess were broken. It was the beginning of a new legacy.

One person’s willing obedience to God really can do far more than we imagine.

The message started off in Acts 9. We’ve got crazy-before-encountering-Jesus guy named Saul. Saul encounters Jesus on the road to go persecute more Christians. If you don’t know the story, it goes like this…Saul encounters Jesus and further down the road we see this guy who starts churches all over, leads people, stands before kings and rulers and disciples men and women who went on to lead churches and do amazing things. It’s crazy.

But before that, there is this guy named Ananias. A ready, willing and obedient Ananias. When it could have cost him everything, he went to Saul. He got to see the miracle.

We see Saul become Paul. We see his whole life and ministry laid out. Sunday was a challenge to not underestimate every step of obedience. All of them matter. We look at Paul (or Peter…because I do have a favorite disciple) and want to do the big and bold thing but MAN DO WE MISS THE POINT. I don’t want tunnel vision where I miss Jesus in the seemingly small instruction…because there is no such thing as a small step. Ananias shows us the impact of a ready and willing heart. What was the last thing God told you to do that you haven’t done? Go do it. What is He saying now? Do it.

There is no such thing as a small step.



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