Favorite Things Monday: People of Action Edition

Clear eyes

Full hearts

Can’t lose

Texas is all over the news, our media feeds and more than any of that, our hearts. Someone had the audacity to name a hurricane Harvey. It’s such a tame sounding name. It’s what you name your favorite dog or a horse in an animated movie. It sounded tame, then hit our coast with a freakish vengeance.

Our news feeds have gone from seeing the worst of humanity last week to seeing the best of humanity. When tragedy hits, people really do come together. They go their neighbor, they rescue, they provide, they love, they show up in whatever way is needed over and over again. Our hearts break but somewhere in the chaos, our souls feel the fresh air when we see the loving of each other.

I have friends who are safe and sound, some having to leave their homes and another waiting word as her parents are having to evacuate. I knew the storm would be bad but I have lived here long enough to know the after affects of a storm tend to mean flood waters. We are safe and after a weekend of rain and wind, we are dry here in the Austin area. But our friends are not. That is not ok with me.

Pray for Texas. Donate.

Last week, I talked about how they are all big steps. The seemingly small thing is actually a big thing. We can’t see the big impact of our seemingly small step.

Prayer is no small thing.

Giving is no small thing.

Don’t be overwhelmed into inaction. That may be the thing we do best. That is for sure in my skill set. This isn’t judgement, this is calling it out in myself in hopes that someone else in my boat sees it…and so we don’t keep doing it. The images of a family hanging out on their roof to avoid flood waters, the photos of babies on momma’s laps in shelters, unrecognizable freeways…and because this is Texas, there will always be the picture of guy in a tube looking like he is floating the Guadalupe… I wonder how in the world I can make an ounce of a difference (not for the guy in the tube, he knew he would end up on the internet and he is probably quite proud of himself).

I get to be the one that gives the giving talk on Sunday mornings. Not all the time, but pretty frequently. There are certain things about the way God works that I just never get over.

Ok, so maybe there are a whole lot of things but here is something I go back to over and over again.

My time, talent and treasure are not mine to begin with (and thank you Pastor Todd Nelson for those 3 words that have stuck over the years). They are all gifts. When I give back to God what He has given to me, He does far more with it than I ever could. Every. Single. Time. The ripple affect of obedience is going to go far beyond what I can see. The really awesome part is how He allows me the chance to see that at work. Sometimes, we give out of obedience and trust God with the rest. And sometimes, he lets us see the fruit. Either way, its an act of faith where we give back what He has given us and trust that He does far more with it than we ever could.

Are you with me? Let’s be the people of action. Turns out that being overwhelmed robs everyone. So whether it is your time, your attention, your talent, your money, your words or seemingly simple actions – let’s be people of action.



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