Favorite Things Monday: Here We Go Again Edition

Here we go again!

Can you hear the echo? It’s on the news. It’s on our social media feeds. It’s on our minds, in our prayers and our hearts. Another storm…another round of fear and unknown…another riding it out…another “here we go again”. Is there another one behind it? No way, Jose. We got no time for you.

I don’t want to talk about it. I want to move on to something else but for this week, I just can’t. These storms keep lining up. They keep bringing us back to the same conversations. They keep stretching our families. They keep stretching our faith.

I don’t want to talk about storms and life and feel the correlation. Again, I just can’t help it. There are so many other things but right now, I can’t seem to get away from it. Give me this one last week to hang on it.

This round of storms didn’t hit us here in Texas. It has hit our families and friends…and friends, that alone does a number on us all.

Our pre-worship practice conversations tend to be entertaining but this week, there was no avoiding how these storms had our attention. But more than that, the God who is present in the storm had our attention. And we praised Him for being bigger than the storm.

So on that line of crazy women worship leaders on Sunday, you had one with family in the path, one with her momma in the path and me. I had family that had been in the path of the storm but was mostly getting a ton of rain and wind. We were a combo of faith and hot mess. And because God is good and bigger than the storm…and even bigger than the storm on the inside of us…we worshipped.

And He reminded us yet again, that He is God and He is good.

We know this. We hang on to this. But storms cause us to hold on a little differently.

Storms do that. I’ll be honest, some storms have rocked me harder than others. For me, there have been storms that while I knew God was with me, there was a little lie that got planted into my heart about his heart toward me (more on that later). But then God in his kindness shows His actual heart. Storms may rock us. Storms may scare us. But over time I have learned that they cause me to hold on a little differently. God is so good to embrace this combo of faith and hot mess and hold us all together.



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