Favorite Things Monday: Day Off Edition

Hello Everyone!

Hello Monday!

I did something today that I rarely get to do. I took a day off for no reason other than that I desperately needed a day off. We had plans for later this month that we cancelled for the sake of margin, other people’s schedules, our kids schedules and to be honest, our own sanity. Today was a day off that wasn’t a holiday and it didn’t count against my paid time off at work. And I loved every bit of today.

I wasn’t super crazy productive. I didn’t spend hours working on something else or taking on some huge organizing project. I got to enjoy coffee on the lake with my husband, lunch out and a trip to Costco…BECAUSE I COULD. Now I get to sit and study over the verses in my head, write and answer questions about math homework. They may seem like little things to be grateful for but in life’s crazy seasons, they end up being the really big things.

Do I wish every Monday were like this? Yes. Yes I do. I really do. Today, I’m grateful for this one and the space to breathe. I needed to do that one simple thing.

I don’t want to fall into this trap that I feel is specifically laid out for me. It’s like those tire spikes along entrances to important places that as long as you drive over them the right way, you are fine but backup or go the wrong way and you get to replace your tires. It can be the thing I look over or the thing that stops me and costs me time and heart.

I wish every Monday was like today. It isn’t. I wish every cap on a full weekend was another day to catch my breath. Not so much.

All of us are in trenches of some sort. Some are more seen than others. So to you my friend, I see you. You aren’t alone. I’m fighting this unseen message tooth and nail and thanks to this pesky book that tends to keep calling my name, I keep going back to John 12.

So go there with me for a minute.

I’m a bit obsessed with Mary Magdalene right now. I like to think of her as this woman who just gave the stink eye to cultural norms of that day and kept trucking but she was so much more than that. This past week I have been looking at her life. This is a woman who sat at a position of learning from Jesus. She sat at his feet. In John 12 she gives what others say is a waste and washes his feet in an act of worship. The oil she used was costly. She gave him her security. She was at the foot of the cross at the crucifixion. She was the woman at the empty tomb that Jesus called by name. She saw him first. She did that culture stink eye thing again and went and declared that HE WAS RISEN INDEED.

We have a woman in a culture that did not value her. She had the boldness to do and be and go and speak and for Mary, it is easy to say that it was because of where she had been willing to sit. I have tried to put myself in her shoes. I can’t without all of the details. You guys know I love details. I can’t just see a woman declaring a risen Savior without seeing her worship, her wait (OUCH), her surrender and her pain at the foot of the cross.

All of it. The whole story. Every big and seemingly small detail comes together to write a story that only God could have put together. I want His story in my life. I would have taken the easy way out and missed the whole point…

Pardon me today as I need the reminder, yet again, of how all of these little things matter but what makes me who I am are not the moments everyone sees. I’m not a fan of things messing with me but I’m learning to lean into this one.






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