Favorite Things Monday: You Are Braver Than You Think Edition

Happy Monday Everyone!

You made it. I made it. I didn’t just survive Monday, I made it through a Monday with both kids having check-ups. It was a necessary evil when they were little. They are much better as big kids but it’s still a struggle. Today, they had me laughing till I thought I would cry and allowed me the chance to say “stop it” one hundred times. When your kids doctor tells your nine year old to “look straight at me” and she crosses her eyes because she knows she’s cute…Jesus help me! Cephas had to get 2 shots. Turns out that when it comes to needles, 12yr olds turn into mush. He made the goofiest face I have ever seen him make and me Sophia are still laughing about it. There was laughter and tears and everyone is healthy. We have no complaints.

It’s a Monday that tried to take me out. It didn’t. There is more going on in this wild heart of mine than I can even stand and it makes Monday feel like a giant stinky Monday.

You know what happened today? Christine Caine happened. I was casually listening to the Relevant Podcast, when WHAM! When putting one foot in front of another with a fire in my heart feels like the hardest thing, it isn’t. Even when it feels like it is…like this season I am in right now. I want to take 20 steps instead of focussing on one at a time.

“What I have been called to do has to proceed what do I feel like doing. I don’t ask myself how I feel anymore, I just follow what I have been called to do”.

And she is freaking Christine Caine. I had nothing to say to that. It was true. I think of all the areas that that flows into.

Sometimes it is putting one foot in front of the other. It’s obedience. It’s doing the next right thing or the last thing that God told you to do.

It has just felt like a doozy of a few months it almost seems unfair. Nothing has slowed down at all…not even for a second, then there are the things happening outside of my world. The news…Jesus take the wheel! I have ranted about what feels like forced negativity (Jeff. Rossen. Reports…I see you and your bad news bears) and have been heartbroken over the rest of it.

News moves so big and so fast I can hardly keep up. Sadly, when something hits big on a Monday, by the next week it feels like it was all so long ago. Of course, it only feels like a long time ago when it isn’t your story. Last week was the uprising of #metoo. Women saying that they have either been sexually harassed or assaulted. I get that those are two different things but in the same vein. It was huge. It was everywhere. What had been hidden in darkness was being brought to light and for some, for the first time. It hit me hardest when I saw my college roommate post her #metoo. I remember the day, I remember what she said happened, I remember threatening to hunt another student down, I remember her crying. I remember how she didn’t say anything, afraid she would get in trouble. I remember when she said she would have reported it at a later time had this person still been a student. I know how the 30-something year old versions of us would respond and only wish that the late-teen/early 20’s had understood.

I get to surround myself with incredible men and women who are quick and bold and brave and share their stories. Their bravery to tell what they have done and/or what has been done to them is awe-inspiring. They point me to Jesus every time. It can be scary but saying it anyway is worth it every time. If #metoo is part of your story, my hope is that you find the freedom of what happens when light is shed on darkness.

I have watched God use a willing voice and vulnerability to break an entire room of pretense. So speak. Where there is injustice or silence because of past injustices, speak. Maybe that is the first step to you being free. There is likely someone waiting on someone else to go first…to show them what brave and vulnerable looks like. To show them that people will love and meet them where they are.

One foot in front of the other in obedience. Let’s not underestimate that. Your voice? Don’t hide it. Don’t silence it. Don’t dismiss it. You are braver than you think and your strength is not your own.

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