Favorite Things Monday: God Can Can Edition

I’m gonna get straight to the point today.

2017 was weird. There was a lot of good but you can often tell how a year went overall when it’s over and you are looking back.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and when I could, it still didn’t make any sense. At least not at first. We can see a little more clearly now. In the last 6 month we walked through a season of discouragement unlike anything I have ever felt before. Moments that were supposed to be restful didn’t leave us feeling rested. I felt as if I was grieving things I would typically celebrate. It knew at it’s peak that there was another side to what we were feeling but I was also confident that the Lord wasn’t going to just lift that weight but carry us through. And that is exactly what happened. He carried us through. There wasn’t one moment that marked the end of that season, there were several by the time I felt we were on the other side. But what I do know, is that the Lord is so faithful. It was a year of realizing that lies about God’s heart had set up residence in mine. His heart is so good. Lies and fear are sneaky…but His perfect love casts out fear. Discouragement can make you weary. Disappointment can weigh on you. Passion stirring in your heart is costly. But my God, He is so faithful…and His love is so perfect.

So how do you head into a new year when the last one left you more than just worn out?

I will say, we are excited about 2018. We feel prepared. We are expectant. So we gave the year the can.


At Central City Austin, we call it the “God Can” can.

We kicked off a new sermon series, have a lot coming up and we are excited. I mean, really excited. But this series kicked off with a message that stated three things:

I Can: Follow Christ

We Can: Make a Difference

God Can: Do the Miraculous

That last one… it has gotten me all kinds of worked up. The first two are so important and this giant desire in my heart but as I walk them out, I need that last one in ways I have limited in the past. I want to see God move and I am ready to drop kick my limits on how He wants to do that. I want the “not by might, not by power but by MY spirit says that Lord” (Zechariah 4:6). We serve this God who moves mountains. He wants to on our behalf. And we need Him to more than ever before.

So we got bold. What are we believing God for in 2018? As a church, as a family, as a church leadership team, as friends who hold each other up… what are we believing God for in 2018?

I don’t even have a picture of it for reference but we have the God Can can. We went old school and wrote things down and put them in a can. We can’t wait to pull papers out of that God Can can and see the answered prayers. There is nothing too big and there is no such thing as small and silly when it comes to asking for the miraculous (we limit it all…). May we know His heart and His love in ways we have never before in 2018. Knowing that makes you a bit more bold. Or a lot.

This Sunday was bold. Really bold. It felt like a really great start to a new year. We have this big ole God Can can…and we believe that God can do the miraculous. This isn’t fluff, this isn’t hype, this is my God who is good and faithful and true to His word and His people. He doesn’t fail. We have had seasons of waiting but that does not affect His ability. We have had seasons with unanswered questions but that doesn’t affect His love. He is the God of the exceedingly abundantly, above and beyond… and I want that. Not mine, His.

Maybe you need your own God Can can. We aren’t done filling it. But this we know, He is the God of the miraculous and He will do it.




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