Favorite Things Monday: Celebrations Edition

Let’s celebrate people! It’s worth it to love them and be loved by them. It’s not safe but it is everything.

Today, I want to celebrate someone else that means a whole lot to me. God really can do a lot with a family if he let Him. It’s flat out miraculous. It’s the BEST. My Aunt Sharon married my Uncle Ron when I was 7. He claimed us, we claimed him and the rest is history. A LOT of history.  

This side of a couple of months ago, he had a health scare that shook me. When the texts read, “pray for your Unca’ Ron”, I prayed (and yes, thats how I spell it and he started it). When the texts read, “this is not good, he can’t form his words”, I wept. I prayed. I believed. I knew it was a big deal when he didn’t check himself out of the hospital. He is strong and determined, some may say stubborn like that. It runs in the family. When God builds a family, sometimes you don’t share DNA but you take on each others character traits.

He’s the reason I appreciate good coffee and know it is best served with a little splash of heavy cream. He’s also the reason I hate paper plates and will opt for glass every time. When me and my sisters were little, he bought us a go-cart. Like, a for real go-cart. He did a scavenger hunt around the house and had this dream gift in the garage. THE BEST. He had named it Speedy Pete. He included helmets.

There are so many reasons I can list but there is something in particular that still makes me cry.

It never, not one time ever occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t do something because I’m a woman. Not one time. The first time I ever heard that women shouldn’t or couldn’t be in leadership in the church or be a pastor…whatever you want to put here…was in bible college…by other students. I wasn’t friends with these people. Who has time for that?! It breaks my heart and you better believe there is this giant part of my heart that feels a responsibility to speak into the lives of women who have been told otherwise.

I come from a long and strong line of women who love God and serve His church, often in leadership and pastoral roles. My grandma would still be preaching if she could. I grew up seeing my Aunt Sharon in her office at the church where she led a huge single’s ministry…and that’s not the half of it. I have cousins that are powerhouse worship leaders.

To quote my mom, “now it is just all fluff”. She’s right. There is a lot of noise that tries to stop us. Unfortunately for those who seek to silence, I not only come from a long and strong line of women, I come from some incredible men who have loved and challenged me and pushed me towards Jesus.

But my Unca Ron? He put the microphone in my hand and said to speak. He wasn’t content to only let me sing a song but pushed me beyond that. As a teenager. At church. In front of people. He didn’t ask if I wanted to. He didn’t ask if I had anything to say. I learned to be ready. It wasn’t a suggestion, he wasn’t hesitant and he didn’t apologize if I felt put on the spot. It was a demand to speak to the people what God was doing or what God was saying. He sat and waited. As a young teenager, I learned to read the bible with an inquisitive eye and a listening ear. He taught me well, then followed through with pushing me forward. I remember being 15 and believed in. Every girl should be surrounded with that kind of love and confidence. So let’s show our sons and daughters well and push them forward. It’s everything.

I am so grateful that Christmas came and so did time with my family. I have never been more grateful for a time to sit and talk to my Unca Ron…and praise God, he had the words to speak back to me. He is well (very well) on his way to a full recovery. He has his words again. I’m so grateful that he helped show me mine.




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