Favorite Things: That Time When…and the No Plan B Edition

Seven Years Ago.

I know this makes a consecutive “remember when” post but it feels important.

Seven years ago we had said goodbye to a church, youth ministry and a whole lot of people in between that we simply adored and knew we were loved by them. Ray drove a U-Haul and I drove our loaded up Explorer and drove on completely ice covered roads from San Angelo back to Austin with one plan to start a church.

There was no plan b.

I thought I was gonna puke. We walked away from a loving church home, a bunch of teenagers I didn’t want to say goodbye to and a salary. Did I mention we had a salary? We were walking into a giant unknown and with what we had saved and my giant income that came with waiting tables at Chili’s.

And I knew God was with us.

I was confident. I was terrified. Courage meets us along the way. Opportunity meets us along the way.

A couple of months before we left San Angelo, two couples said they were joining us. One would get married a little faster than planned and move from Lubbock. The other would move from north of Austin.  A couple of weeks before we left, one couple said we are coming with you. On our last Sunday, one other couple said they were coming with us. Since then, there have been a few others from San Angelo that made their way to Austin. God really does a special work when He builds a family.

People sold houses, quit jobs, left the familiar, where their families were and most of them, where they grew up.

Did I mention that I wanted to puke? And at the exact same time, I knew God was with us.

What do you say about seven years later?

My prayers seemed big then, now I see where I put limits on how I prayed. And yet, God was so faithful. The need seemed big then, but my heart has grown, my eyes have seen and the passion and the call that beckoned us to leave one place for another is not the same one that drove those roads seven years ago. It’s so much bigger.

This last year feels like a magnifying glass on how I pray and how I believe God will move. I have felt my expectations challenged and in turn shift from what I have seen to what I have yet to see God do. I want the latter.

And beyond that, I have watched God do this same work with those we do life…so much life and ministry with. You stretch in groups. I have to laugh at it. It’s just so true. It’s better that way, in my extroverted opinion. Even the more introverted among us know the need for others.  The Lord just won’t leave us alone and we are starting to see pieces come together that for us, has taken seven years to get where we are. When I look and see what the Lord has brought to light (or straight up exposed), healed, restored and to be honest, some of the more painful roads He has allowed us to walk; I see Him. I will never be the same. Isn’t that what we want for everyone? I know I do. He has shown us His heart and what He is about. He is showing us the power that we have as His children and what happens when we pray. He is about His Church. His love is so real. He is faithful. He is good. He is just getting started. Every step feels like we are just getting started. The best really is yet to come.


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