Favorite Things: Miles for Musicians Edition

Happy Giving Tuesday! We have just come off of a week of giving thanks and rest. Who am I kidding…Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday shopping…and thanking God for the internet and only having to leave my house over the last few days because I wanted to.

Today, we give thanks again and I have the perfect opportunity for all of us.

If you have seen my Instagram, you know a few things:

  1. On Sunday, we are at Central City Austin at 1006 W Koenig at 10:30. We will always save you a seat.
  2. Never miss a Monday…or Tuesday or Thursday. I work out before the sun comes up, even when it’s cold and even when I don’t feel like it.
  3. I run. A lot. I registered to run a marathon for the third time and the training is in full swing. I am running this thing on purpose and for the purpose of others and their mental health.

What does this have to do with Giving Tuesday?

The good news is, I’ll do the running and need your help to help me make those miles matter for those in the music industry in Austin.

I have wanted to serve the creative community in Austin and didn’t know where to start. I wanted a way to honor my cousin Caleb where I live. I wanted a way to show up and show love and support in a tangible way. The question of where to start got really easy. Not that running 26.2 miles is easy, but the reason will a driving force.

The SIMS Foundation provides services that are absolutely vital to the creative community that make our city so great. Not only do musicians make our city a better place, we are all better because of their creativity. We need them healthy to continue to share their gifts with our city and the world around us. I hope to raise a lot of money so that they can serve musicians and their families well. Please check out what all this incredible organization does to help those struggling with addiction and beyond.

So help me! Donate, share the link below, spread the word, pray for me (cause training is hard and with this cause pushing me, the emotions are going to be really real).

You can read more and donate here – Miles for Musicians

I get to run this race for the musician and in honor of my cousin Caleb.

Join me in making these miles matter!

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