And the answer is….The Church

I grew up in the church…and grateful for that. I knew God at a young age. I loved church. I loved worship. I loved the message. I am realizing something that for some, is a no brainer but for me, really stirs something new. Like I said, I grew up in church. There were three (not including where I went for youth as a teenager….) that I went to from birth-19. The first grew into a very large church. We left around my 10th birthday due to discovering adultery within the pastoral leadership. The next church we went to was wonderful. If there was one person from that time that I wish more than anything I could see again, it was my children’s pastor there (God bless you Ms. Lisa)….I see that the way I do ministry today is a reflection of how she poured into my awkward 11yr old life. We moved two years later to be near family. My uncle was my pastor (my favorite Aunt was the worship leader along with my cousins). The church was much smaller but it was home and love was there. I was given ministry opportunity at a young age and I am so grateful for it. I still say, ministering in front of thousands could never be as daunting as that group of 40. Ha!

My point is this…I grew up in the church. Most of my hurts, disappointments, areas of insecurity, pain (I think you get the point)…they came from the church…or should I say people in the church. I saw the best of people…and I also saw the worst of people (I also saw some crazy people…that could be saved for a ‘Stuff Christians Like’ essay). Something hit me after speaking with a friend a few weeks ago regarding the church in America. I was thinking about the conversation later that night. I knew this but it hit me like never before…

Are you ready for this???

Christ loves the CHURCH!

Not only loves, He gave his LIFE for the church. In all of our messed up, broken, selfish, pride…he LOVES HIS church. His people (I hope you realize by now, I’m not talking about a building). More than ever before this is something I cannot wrap my brain around. I probably never will. Imagine that passion! Think of what He has called the church to…what the purpose of the church is. It is amazing! He draws His church unto Himself, a love we cannot understand….

This is an on-going thought for me but one I wanted to put out there.

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