2011 in Review – Part Deux

I type out “Revive” instead of “Review” every time. It seems only fitting.

It would be a travesty (yes, I said travesty) to not have an entire post dedicated to those who serve alongside us.

Let’s play the “this time last year” game. It’s fun. You know you like it. We were on Christmas break, enjoying the time with family and friends…and wanted to puke at what news we were about to deliver to our pastors, church, youth leaders, students and close friends. You start praying prayers that sound like this –“God, could you just tell them for us so when we tell them it is just confirmation…and let it all be awesome? Ok? Amen”.

Our friends Matt and Catherine (who weren’t even married yet) were preparing to get married and move to be a part of Revive to serve as Executive Pastor and Nursery Director (they are now expecting twins). Our friends Anthony and Tracy had already stepped down from their position at their church so that they could jump right in as our youth pastors (have I mentioned we were their youth leaders…reason #183897 why youth ministry is amazing).

I love these stories.

We had only told a few close friends and family at this point. We were about to go public and going public is scary. There is no more hiding your dreams. No more hiding the vision that has been seared on your heart. It’s all out in the open for everyone to see…and to have opinions.

December 31, 2010 – I was home waiting on my husband to get home from a youth concert trip. I see the following on Facebook from my friend Katie “God use me more this year than last” (read the post here). I wanted to puke again. We were blessed with some amazing youth leaders in Katie and Brandn and Erica and Michael. We were a team…these were close friends y’all. I knew that no matter what happened, it looked like we were about to throw their world upside down. All of that, then I see a “God I surrender” post.

A couple of days later my husband tells our senior pastor…who was amazing (thanks Pastor Todd). The rest was warp speed. Ray told all the church leadership that night. Just before that, he tells Katie, Brandn, Erica and Michael…I was at work and you guessed it, I wanted to puke.

Several weeks later, Katie and B were in our living room and informed us they were moving to Austin. They were selling their house, leaving their entire family, getting new jobs…moving. On our last Sunday, Erica and Michael informed us of the same information. Yes, I did say “can you please repeat that, speaking slower and using smaller words”. I couldn’t believe it.

There have been others that have joined us…each leaves me speechless. Some we have known since they were teenagers (reason #183898 why youth ministry is amazing). We have met new faces. I’m looking forward to more new faces.

This year, these people have dreamed with us, prayed with us, worked hard, made sacrifices, cried, laughed, ran, stuffed envelopes, passed out door hangers…and been introduced to disc golf…have I mentioned prayed and made took huge steps of faith…with us.

Each of them stands with us believing in the purpose of the Church. Each stands believing in the vision for Revive. Each person has a story as to how they got here. Each of them causes gratitude to stir so strong in my heart it leaves me speechless.

I love these people! Come on 2012! The best is yet to come!!!

2 thoughts on “2011 in Review – Part Deux”

  1. Dang it…tears!!!! I’m part of this crazy, wild, amazing, hard,fun and scary ride. (pretty much think of an adjective and it fits in the previous sentence) I know what’s going on and I’m crying just reading your post. lol

    LOVE IT!!!! Wouldn’t want it any other way.

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