Happy May Day!

I was tempted to entitle this post “This Week Thus Far”. Then I realized it was only Tuesday.

Good news is it’s May! Sure, I could freak out about how the previous 5 months of this year have made quite the impressive disappearing act. I could freak out about a lot of things.  I choose not to. Where is the fun in that?

I choose to relish in the wonder that is the perfect month of May. I may sound a tad whimsical, but I love this month. The mornings are still a tad cool, afternoons are good and warm, the pool is past the point of turning my children purple (not that they care), my anniversary, mother’s day and my birthday…all in May. This year, we get to sandwich in some exciting church serving opportunities, a cousin college graduation, a family wedding…and last but certainly not least, the arrival of the Martin’s twins is on the horizon. Praying with Catherine that she reaches the 37 weeks she has been hoping for. While we may be a bit tired at the end of this month, I don’t see how this can go bad. It’s May! Rejoice in it with me will you?

We ended out April with Ray getting to officially ordain the other pastors of Revive Church. I knew we were praying for them and their spouses. I was not prepared for the stories that Ray quickly shared. I love these people! There is nothing like a little reflection to remind me of how huge and how faithful God is. I’m excited for the future. I am in awe of the team that God has assembled. I love my church and every single incredible story that is represented. I’m excited to serve alongside them.

I love the way April ended. I love that it is May.

Something about the month of May that feels hopeful. I have a lot of reasons to feel hopeful.

So, how are you? Are you crazy about May like me or are you holding your breath till October?



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