Wanna fight?! A day in the life…

If you don’t believe my next statement, I will fight you!

If you would rather avoid a fight, you could spend 10 minutes in my house and find I am right. You would also have the opportunity to laugh till you pee…

I have the most entertaining kid(s) in the world. This is more about one than the other though…don’t tell Sophia. I’d never hear the end of it…and she’s 4. I can’t pull out the Adobo seasoning without her telling me how her brother put that perfect seasoning in her eyes…2yrs ago! She holds on to some things.

Back to the star of the post…

We named him Cephas Alexander. When we decided on the name, we loved how strong it was (is). We had no idea what we had coming our way.

Some days, I’m that mom that stresses other people out as I attempt to reign in my kids. I’m working on it. On the days when you are that mom, I’m the one with the understanding eyes. Quite often mine are the ones singing at the TOP of their lungs or quoting movies…they use this gift of memorization as a weapon. Have you ever been on a road trip with a 4 and 6yr old who love to sing High School Musical?

According to my Mom, I gave birth to two children who are much like me. Sophia possesses a sass that I blame on her cousins. I’ll let them duke it out. Sometimes I don’t know where they get it. Some days, I know EXACTLY where it comes from.

I kept posting about yesterday and all it held.

It started with the dentist and Cephas’ first filling. I didn’t elaborate on some of the details but was concerned about the activity level of my son. After being told not to bite his numb cheek multiple times, he bit it and broke skin. Apparently that was a fun game. All in all, he did really well.

His reward was getting a book from the school book fair. He was excited and kind of all over the place. I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t grab his hand but apparently my expression was enough to get a “calm down Mom” from the volunteer.


We proceeded to swim team practice. For the first time, there was a PA system present. Some boys were running around then the music started. Next thing I know, 4 boys bust out dancing to Poker Face. It was pretty awesome. They gathered the kids for warm up. The music kept going and the kids stopped dancing…most of the kids stopped dancing.

This momma was laughing. Sometimes Cephas’ dancing reminds me of Seinfeld and Elaine’s memorable dance. It’s hilarious.

My favorite moment was one mom saying “check out that kid getting down out there”. I proudly proclaimed “that one is all mine and yes, he wakes up that way”.

This is the same kid who has as of recently, randomly and frequently informed me that “it’s not about us, it’s about the city”.

Sometimes, he’s profound. God gave him that personality on purpose. God gave him to us on purpose. God knew we would be pastor’s and that my kids would be…pastor’s kids. God does things on purpose. My children grow me daily. God does that on purpose too.

He keeps us running. He keeps us laughing.

Please…share your kid stories! There is always a Momma who needs to know she’s not alone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wanna fight?! A day in the life…”

  1. You know most of my stories but right now D is stuck on “0” being the number of swim races I won in high school. lol

    1. You can blame B for that one! However, that statement coming out of that voice would be hilarious!

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