Weekly Update

How to summarize a week that is not yet complete…

The weekend is still ahead of us. I get to hug one of my favorite families and enjoy best friend conversation. This does not happen often enough. I ask God why Alaska and Texas can’t be a little closer to each other. It’s something to do with Texas being awesome and saying everything is bigger in this grand state and Alaska getting mad that they became a state a little later in the game and not being able to coin the phrase first. Something like that. Alaska is bigger but it’s way colder. It’s also home to the Gerald’s (the Haggards and bunch of other AMAZING people) and the Addy Esco. That’s just the way it is.

Our first service at the new location is on the countdown…it’s THIS SUNDAY! 1006 W. Koenig. 5pm! If you are in the Austin area, join us! Having Matt, Jen, Bryce and Abby at this service makes me that much more excited.

Ray and I finally watched Machine Gun Preacher. If you have been a reader of this blog or a friend, you know why this is significant. Around the end of October last year, Ray and I were supposed to go and see it. I was really struggling (all those books, prayers, tweets about serving the poor and those in need…geez!) during that time and was what some would call “emotionally unstable”. I was frustrated with all this stuff going on in my head and my heart and no clue where to start. I was a basket case! Sometimes, I can’t be explained. Prior to leaving I was laying on my son’s bed crying. Ray suggested seeing that movie may be a bad idea at that time. He was right. We got coffee and went and sat by the lake instead. Watching a movie about a man who goes from abusive addict, to man building an orphanage in a war zone would have made me flat out ridiculous.

This movie finally comes out on Red Box! I find the emotional stability (though you may find me questionable) and we watch it. We both cry. What a story! Life isn’t PG and this man’s life was no exception. It wasn’t a pretty story with a guaranteed happy ending. It was raw. I told Katie that if she saw it, Brandn was done for. To which he said, it was too late for that 🙂 The kids in that movie will rip your heart out. I thought it was necessary to document my progress.

I’ve decided that everyone should keep some kind of gratitude list/journal/phone app…whatever. I loved adding this this week. Beauty can be found in the unexpected and when I write it down, I’m reminded of much more. That’s just me…

A few things that make my heart smile this week…

I’ve decided to make this gratitude post mostly in photo form. Not all things can be captured but I love the things that can be 🙂

#1 – His name is Cephas. He is a super hero and a rock star.


#2 – The Addy Esco reached a massive goal this week. A text that made me cry.


#3 – a sweet wedding celebrated with friends (the ceremony ended and the wind whipped in)

#4 – Ray would say he is grateful for not being asked to be in the picture. He gladly took it 🙂

#5 – the years in youth ministry that brought us to that wedding…and all of the people in that picture.

#6 – Grateful for those crazy teenagers who grew up and now do life and ministry with us.

#7 – 10 birthdays celebrated together

#8 – The Moore’s for introducing us to sushi.

#9 – the amazing surprise that followed dinner! Our team put Ray’s new office area together! Best team ever!!!


#10- a coffee cup with a story. It still serves the same reminder that it did when it was given to me over 5yrs ago. Turns out even coffee cups can remind us of how faithful God is. This one does.


I’ve argued on a 4 and 6yr old level. Been frustrated, let laundry pile up, nothing is as clean as I would like it to be and for right now, that is ok. It will face me in the morning. I’ve snuggled and read with my kids, timed their swim races and stopped Wii fights.

I’ll leave you with this for today. I must! That laundry is starting to give me the stink eye. It has powers.

What are you grateful for this week? If you had to play a little game of high/low…what would you say?




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