Hot Mess Shout Out

The last few weeks have echoed many things. I am grateful for those echoes. The resounding joy, peace and encouragement in the midst of the day to day and in the amazing glimpses of what is to come. The seemingly mundane moments are far from it. They are laced, they are covered with the grace to dream, believe and know. Only grace and love can allow such things with conviction behind them. It is truth.

I am woman. Hear my hot mess roar.

There is joy in leaning on the sufficiency that is found in Christ alone. I am not…He is.

I want to encourage you to do something. Take a moment. Know.


Read Proverbs 31.

Don’t stop reading this post…keep going, I’m getting somewhere.

Read it backwards.

*For all of my overly ridiculously sarcastic friends…I mean verse by verse backwards…not the words. I know some of you. I couldn’t imagine life without you.

We are the hot mess that keeps this crazy train moving. Alone, we are nuts. Together, we form this thing that God has brought together. We are as imperfect as the day is long. We are found in Him complete, whole, loved and fought for. We find differences in each other that speak boldly of His creativity and the necessity of unity among believers (this means with other women…fear not).

It all comes down to “a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised”. When I don’t add up in my own head, I know there is one thing for me to do. Praise.

To quote my friend Tracy, “when God is on His throne everything else falls under”.


All the impossible falls under Him, where it belongs and where it becomes the possible. Where the unexpected dreams start to find feet and joy is found in places never imagined.

The dreams, the hopes, the uncertainty, the weakness, the overwhelming inadequacies…they ALL fall under.

So shout out to you my friend, the hot mess. You are in excellent company. You are clothed with dignity and strength. May we see ourselves as such.

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