Halloween Encounters

Today marks a special day for me. I’m not big on Halloween. My kids will dress up, knock on doors and ask the people who they think they are dressed up as (I will post pics of Supergirl and Indiana Jones later). That is about as cute as the day gets.

Today is special for another reason entirely.

11yrs ago today, I met my husband. I’m all about special dates but October 31st is easy to remember…and what an important day it turned out to be.

I thought a friend and I were just going to hang out at some church for a little bit. This is what bible college students do on Halloween.
Ok…so that is exactly what happened. What I thought, was what happened. What I didn’t expect then, was to be reminiscing about that fateful day every year…and smile.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in May.

Time does a disappearing act. I look back at who I was then. That ripe old age of 19.

I was desperate for a life of adventure, having no real idea what I was talking about…but knew normal was out of the question for me and that God was leading me into something different. I was right.

God is faithful.

I can’t believe what these years have brought. Adventure was ahead of us then…it’s ahead of us now. I married me a great one. I married Ray. I married a determined and willing heart to follow where God leads. I am so grateful.

And it all started with a meeting…

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